By Amit Acco, Partner |

Following the Israeli Cabinet decision to ratify the visa exemption agreement with the UAE on November 24, 2020, The Minister of the Interior, Aryeh Deri, signed the Entry Order into Israel amendment, which allows citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE to) enter Israel.

Under Israeli law, the Order’s amendment is due to take effect within 30 days after the exchange of official bilateral orders of both countries, but it may be in effect even before.  Until such a bilateral solution, only Israeli travelers who have a foreign passport (dual nationals) or having a valid entry visa will be allowed entry to Dubai.

It also becomes clear that once the bilateral agreement will be in place, Israeli nationals traveling to the UAE will have to submit an online application before travel.

Until the program takes effect, Israeli officials asked the UAE for an interim solution for visa-free travel.

At current, visitors to Dubai only needs to quarantine in Dubai until they receive their negative COVID-19 test result, which is taken on arrival at at the International Airport. This is usually received within the same day.


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