South Korea Immigration

South Korea Immigration

South Korea has immigration rules that are similar to the US and Australia, where they closely evaluate the need and qualifications of all foreign workers. KTA provide services to many multinational companies, maintaing their foreign employees legal status in South Korea.

COVID-19 updates (29 August 2020):


Given the COVID-19 outbreak, the Double Entry visa is currently no longer available for Israeli and some other nationals. In addition, 14 day quarantine is a mandatory requirement for any applicant entering Korea, however it is possible in some occasions to apply for an isolation exemption, which will allow an applicant to enter Korea without undergoing the 14 day quarantine.


Most importantly, any application to Korea must receive a BU Executive Approval from the Korean Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only after the approval is received, submitting a C-4 application at the consulate in Israel is possible.      

C-4 visa: a short term work authorization

This visa is intended for multinational corporations that need to support a local end client or entity in Korea. The visa can be issued in one of the two following routes:

Single Entry: Valid for 90 days and permits only one entry to Korea.

Double Entry: Valid for 180 days and permits only 2 entries to Korea, with each entry limited to no more than 30 days.

Due to its unique characteristics, the visa is suitable for organizations that need to support their end clients or entities on a relatively short notice.

One of the key advantages of the visa is the fact that it is issued directly by the Korean Consulate in the employee home country (for example: Israel), without any need to submit an application to the Korean immigration authorities.

E-7: long term assignment

The employee must have a contract with a company registered in Korea (either domestic or foreign), and they are both educational and work experience requirements. 

In addition, there are restrictions on the number and percentage of foreign workers allowed in a single company.

The E7 is good for up to 3 years, and for a more complete review of visa types, documents and requirements you can take a look at this overview.

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