Employer Obligations

Employer Obligations Towards Foreign Employees

In general, a foreign worker in Israel is entitled to the same working conditions as an Israeli employee. In addition to these basic rights, employers must give foreign workers a written employment contract, private health insurance and proper housing. The following is a summary of the basic unique obligations of a foreign worker’s employers in Israel.

The following are the main employer obligations towards foreign national in the experts field:
Legal Employment – B-1 Work Visa

Only employers who hold a valid employment permits from the Ministry of the Interior may employ foreign workers’ in the position, salary and location approved by the Ministry. 

Any material change in employment, should be reported immediately to the Ministry, In some cases, a new application should be submitted. 

Health Insurance

Employers of foreign workers are obligated to provide foreign workers with

private medical insurance throughout the employment period. The employer must

give the employee a summary of the insurance policy in a language which he


· Medical services – family doctors and Specialist physicians

· Laboratory tests, Imaging, CT and X-ray institutes

· Payment for emergency room and hospitalization

· Medications

· Dental Care – first aid treatments

· Additional services – Women’s health, Fertility, Vaccinations

· Emergency evacuation by Ambulance

· 24 hours medical center

· Disability insurance

· Death insurance

· In case of death, Transport of body to country of origin

· In case of loss of working ability, Funding of flight ticket to country of origin.

Proper Housing

An employer must provide a foreign worker with suitable housing which meets the conditions set out in the relevant regulations, throughout the entire period of the worker’s employment and for a minimum of 7 days after the employment has ended.

The housing must include:

  • at least 4 square meters sleeping space per worker,
  • no more than 6 workers in one room,
  • personal cupboards 
  • bedding for each worker,
  • heating and ventilation,
  • reasonable lighting and electric outlets in each room,
  • hot and cold water in the bathroom, kitchen and showers;
  • kitchen counters and cupboards, burners, refrigerator, table and chairs,
  • a washing machine for 6 workers,
  • a fire extinguisher.
  • There must be reasonable access to the living quarters as well as to bathrooms.
Written Employment Contract

An employer of a foreign worker is obligated to enter into a written employment agreement with the worker, that details the conditions of the worker’s employment in a language the worker can understand.

Failure to sign an employment contract with a foreign worker constitutes a criminal offense.

One copy of the employment contract should be provided to the worker and another copy should be kept in the workplace with the rest of the foreign worker’s documents.

he contract must include the following sections:

  • Identification of the employer and the foreign worker,
  • Job description.
  • The foreign worker’s salary, all of the components of it, the date it will be paid, how the salary will be updated, including all of the components and when they will be paid.
  • List of deductions from the work salary.
  • Payments to be made by the employer and the foreign worker for the worker’s social benefits.
  • Dates the employment period starts and ends.
  • Length of a work day and work week, including the weekly rest time.
  • Conditions for what happens with payment when the worker is absent, including vacations, holidays and sick days.
  • The obligation of the employer to provide Health Insurance for Foreign Workers.
  • The obligation of the employer to provide appropriate housing conditions for the foreign worker.
  • The obligation of the employer (when it’s relevant for him) to deposit money for the benefit of the foreign worker and to ensure his ability to leave Israel.
  • The details of the Ombudsman for Foreign Workers Rights and how to contact him as well as the right to submit a complaint to the ombudsman.
Prevailing Wage: Double the average salary

The Israeli foreign worker salary for expert workers must be twice the average salary in Israel.

The reason for this is to discourage companies from seeking to bring in foreign workers as opposed to hiring local Israelis. However, if the company thinks they need this foreign worker, they must commit to paying them a minimum rate of whatever twice the average salary is at the time they apply.

effective January 1, 2021, the minimum monthly salary for foreign experts in Israel is   20,856 NIS per month, gross. 

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