By Cindy Azoulay and Shira Klein Esq. |

Within the next few days the Embassy will begin to accept applications for E/1-E 2 company registrations. We have been unable to submit new applications since the start of the pandemic in March. Despite the economic impact of the pandemic upon US and Israeli businesses, there will be no changes to the required supporting documentation.

Priority will be given to companies that were approved in the past.  Second priority will be given to new company applications. The time line for processing cannot be determined at this time and will depend on the volume of applications received.

Additionally, there will be a logistical change and attorneys will no longer be able to accompany their clients to the visa interview.

The Embassy next plans to make B visa processing available, with business travel a priority. Start dates will be published at the Embassy website. Individuals are encouraged to use the Interview Waiver Program for B visa processing if they are able to meet the requirements.