Army Status

IDF Status | Son of Immigrant and Waiver

Under Israeli law, every Israeli citizen, including children born abroad, must verify his or her military status when the child reaches the age of 16 ½ years old. The results of this verification determine one’s obligation to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and possible eligibility for deferment or exemption from service.

As a general rule, an Israeli citizen who left Israel with his or her parents before the age of 16 or a child born abroad to an Israeli parent (whose family has not returned to live in Israel) is eligible, with certain limitations, for a deferment of IDF service.

In the case of such deferment, the individual is provided with written notice that his/her obligation to serve is deferred for as long as he/she resides abroad with his/her parents. Additionally, where one of the parents resides regularly in Israel, the applicant must demonstrate that he is in the custody of the parent staying abroad.  After receiving such notice, the person will be permitted to visit Israel every year under certain conditions (120 days limit, etc.).

Upon entering Israel, every citizen above the age of 16 ½ is required to show proof of his or her military status.

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