By Amit Acco, Partner |

We are often asked if a non-Israeli traveler needs to have a pre-entry work visa in Israel. The following is our short and simple guideline:

If one of the following indicators are positive, a B-1 work visa is required in Israel:

  • Entry to labs and/or clean rooms, and/or manufacturing areas, restricted airport facilities (air-side)
  • Hands-on tools and/or equipment and/or software and/or engineering and/or debugging and/or training.

This shortlist is by no means an exhaustive list but it indicates where work is done and a B-1 work visa is needed.

The need for the work visa is regardless of its duration and/or place of payment and/or place of the contract of employment and/or where the fruits of the work will be received.

Prevention of Dual Intention

In the case where no actual work is expected to be done in Israel, but the intended visit is for more than 2 weeks and/or with dependents, we recommend reviewing the purpose of the business visit in detail, as the entry may be suspected by border control as dual intention entry, i.e. entry for work purpose under the visitor visa waiver program. In such case, entry may be delayed or result in restricted duration visitor visa issuance or even denial of entry.

For such a review we suggest that a full schedule and activity description will be provided.

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