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While foreign nationals that need to travel to Israel during the current ban and red country designation struggle to submit an application for entry exemption to the Exception Committee it was exposed yesterday in the Knesset’s Constitution Committee that the Exception Committee automatically denied all humanitarian requests received for entry into Israel from or leaving Israel.

The Head of the Knesset Committee heavily criticized the committee approach and warned the Ministry of Interior that:

“Either you come back with other answers, or I cancel the list of red states. You have rejected one hundred percent of the substantive requests concerning humanitarian cases.”

During the hearing, examples were presented of people who work abroad who are not allowed to leave Israel or to humanitarian requests that were rejected. For example, an accountant who sent payslips by his foreign employer was told that this was not proof that he was working abroad. Regarding medical treatment, a request was denied from a person who has an appointment for a heart stent transplant abroad, even though he sent all the paperwork. Also, the request of an adult over the age of 80 who needs medical attention was approved, but without his wife. A couple of parents whose daughter gave birth in France were also not allowed to leave the country.

MK Yom Tov Kalfon revealed the stories. said on the Knesset committee that:

“There is a huge gap between what we say in the committee and what the public experiences on the ground…It is only from the last few days. We hear the cry of the public, there is already a campaign among American Jews that some government ministers and many MKs have joined. There is real pain and justified criticism in the public, and we must put this behavior to an end”

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