By Amit Acco, Partner

Under regulation 5.6.0001 of the Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) dated 14 November 2022, a B/4 volunteer visa is intended to enable welfare organizations, health institutions, religious institutions, kibbutzim, moshavim, and philanthropic institutions. The individuals (volunteers) should be willing to volunteer for ideological or humanitarian reasons without compensation and salary, except for subsistence allowances, accommodation, educational enrichment, and livelihood fees.

STEP 1: Obtaining a sponsoring license for the sponsor

The law states namely several organizations that can bring volunteers into the country. Therefore, an initial interim application should be submitted, together with a detailed volunteering program, to allow the sponsor to later submit an application for volunteers.

About the Organization and chances of being a sponsor of an application

The sponsor should be a prominent organization in Israel, making substantial contributions to the country through various initiatives. The specific cause for volunteering, should reflects a commitment to creating a positive impact on a broader scale.

Step 2: Individual applications for volunteers

Following submission and subject to the approval of the Sponsorship application, The sponsor will be allowed to invite volunteers to Israel. Family members cannot join the volunteer.  

The application for a B/4 volunteer visa to Israel will need to be submitted by the inviting organization and must be done before the volunteer arrives to Israel. The volunteer will be allowed to enter Israel only after the application for the volunteer visa is approved.

At instance where the volunteers arriving from a Visa Waiver Nationals (like EU and North America) they can travel to Israel after approval of the individual application at the PIBA and receive their B/4 volunteer visa after entering with a tourist visa. They must report to a PIBA within 30 days of their entrance to Israel. Volunteers from countries who do not have a visa waiver program with Israel will need to apply and obtain the visa at the Israeli consulate in their home country.

Israeli B/4 Volunteer Visa Durations

Usually, a B/4 volunteer visa in Israel is granted for a period of one year, with the option to extend the B/4 volunteer visa for up to two years. volunteers eligible for Aliyah to Israel can receive a B/4 volunteer visa for up to five years, one year at a time .

The responsibilities of the Sponsor

After a B/4 volunteer visa is granted, the PIBA creates the link between the sponsor, which has a responsibility for the volunteer. The sponsor will be then responsible for the volunteer departing from Israel at the end of their volunteering period and according to the approved B/4 volunteer visa. The sponsor will also be responsible for making sure the volunteer has medical insurance during their volunteer period.

Adjudication of the specific volunteer by the PIBA

The PIBA thoroughly examines the particular B/4 volunteer visa application before granting the visa, including the applicant’s past in several aspects (illegal stay in Israel, criminal background, security issues, etc.). The PIBA collects information and is associated with all the relevant sources (police, security forces, government information systems). The information submitted by the applicant is also verified and checked. All the information and any findings regarding the applicant are taken into consideration. This procedure is also performed when requesting to extend the B/4 volunteer visa to Israel.

No employment in Israel is permitted but for the non-paid volunteering.

 Required documents from the volunteer For Geting B/4 Volunteer Visa

  • Application for entry to Israel form where the sponsor will specify the purpose and place of B/4 Volunteer Visa volunteering in Israel and will indicate whether the volunteer visited Israel in the past.
  • The volunteer’s passport, valid for at least six months beyond the volunteering period.
  • A letter of commitment in which the sponsor pledges responsibility for the B/4 Volunteer Visa volunteer exiting from Israel at the end of their volunteer period and according to the approved volunteer visa.
  • A medical certificate regarding the volunteer’s good health condition.
  • A letter of commitment in which the sponsor pledges responsibility for the volunteer’s medical insurance.
  • Apostille and in some cases translated copy of police clearance (FBI in the US)
  • Any other document the PIBA sees fit in the circumstances.


The sponsor first need to apply to become a recognized sponsor for application for volunteering. The application will have to detail the sponsor activities and the volunteering program in details.  Once submitted and approved, the sponsor will be able to apply for individual volunteers prior to their entry into Israel, and make sure to extend their visa after arrival and apply for a multiple entry visa to allow free travel within the duration of the B-4 visa.