by Amit Acco,  Update: 15 July 2021

The following are the most current COVID – 19 travel advice for foreign nationals.

We urge any traveler to read the official government website by clicking here prior to planning or taking any international travel to or from Israel. In any case of conflict between the Government website and the information provided by KTA, the Government information will prevail. 

Among several exceptions, the Israeli Government allows entry foreign national who has a first-degree Israeli family member (Israeli citizen or a permanent resident of Israel) that is currently in Israel.

Special Permit to Enter Israel for Foreign Business Visitors:

Under the current Covid-19 policy, entry to Israel under this category is limited to vaccinated travelers only. Travelers from the following countries are banned from entry: Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, Argentina, and Russia.

A special permit can be obtained from either the Israeli Consulate at the country the individual resides or at the Ministry of Interior in Israel by the family member or his/her attornies.

Processing times are different between the various consulates. The Israeli Consulate in NY states a processing time of 20 workdays.

In addition, all applicants must have proof of  Covid-19 vaccination and current travel documents. Upon approval of a special entry permit, the individual can travel to Israel within the time frame of the permit.

Required Documents

Formal forms are changing rapidly. The following documents are also required:

A. Photocopy of a passport or Teudat Zehut/Toshav of the first-degree relative residing in Israel

B. Photocopy of passports of all visitors

C. Proof of family connection between the foreign visitor and the relative residing in Israel and proof of a connection between the foreign visitor and their spouse and children (Official documents such as birth certificate, marriage, etc.)

D. Completely filled out ‘personal details’ declaration and quarantine declaration, click here to download (you must state a flight date and a return date)

G. Proof of health insurance valid in Israel throughout the visit with a clause covering COVID-19

H. Certificate of recovery from COVID-19 or vaccination certificate for every visitor, for all ages

I. In case of a wedding event: Attach proof of opening of a marriage file from the marriage bureaus in the religious councils or wedding registration from another alternative office + joint affidavit of the marrying couple signed before a notary public

Flight Arrangements:

Before the flight to Israel:  Any person arriving will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken at least 72 hours prior to departure.

Any foreign national seeking entry to Israel will have to provide upon entry:

  1. 72hr pre-flight Covid-19 PCR test results document
  2. Copy of medical health insurance, valid in Israel, that specifically includes coverage for COVID – 19
  3. Copy of Special Entry Permit to Israel During Covid.
  4. Passport

Upon Entry to Israel: All incoming passengers must comply with COVID-19 testing requirements, including those who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from the virus

Isolation Requirements

As of July 16, any person (including vaccinated) arriving in Israel, must stay the first 24 hours from arrival in home isolation or until they receive a negative result of a COVID-19 test formed at Ben Gurion Airport upon arrival (whichever comes first).

Those returning from the following countries must be fully isolated for at least 10 days even if they are vaccinated: United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, and Tunisia

Shortening the Isolation period to 7 days

The isolation period can be shortened if the results of two coronavirus tests are negative:

1.     First test – As soon as possible upon entering the isolation

2.     Second test – On the 7th day of isolation or later and at least 24 hours after the first test

When the individual will receive the negative result of the second test, it is possible to finish isolation. It is not necessary to wait for a text message (SMS) from the Ministry of Health allowing to finish isolation.

The full isolation period, without shortening, is still 14 days from the date of the last contact with the confirmed coronavirus case or from the time of arrival in Israel.

Those who Vaccinated abroad:

Upon receipt of a “Negative” COVID – 19 check at the airport, the individual can perform a serological test. The serological test can be made at the isolation place or the private authorized clinic.

Upon receiving confirmation of immunity, the individual can apply for a waiver from isolation from the Ministry of Health by email.

The application should include the following:

  1. Passport copy,
  2. Copy of the negative COVID-19 result received upon entry
  3. Copy of the positive COVID-19 serological test
  4. Copy of full vaccination card (from the US

Request to be sent by email to: Call.Habriut@MOH.GOV.IL

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The information is gathered from various public media sources at the courtesy of KTA to its own clients and website visitors. Due to the rapid, sometimes daily changes in policy, we urge any traveler to get updated at the official government website by clicking here prior to planning or taking any international travel to or from Israel.