By KTA News Team |

In the midst of promises, the prospect of Israelis entering the United States without a permit remains uncertain. Recent reports from Israeli Media indicate that the Americans have taken a tougher stance, demanding additional criminal information on thousands of Israeli citizens.

From Equal Treatment to Escalating Demands: Israel’s Journey to Visa-Free Entry into the United States

To qualify for entry into the United States without a visa, Israel had to meet a set of conditions imposed by the Americans. One of these requirements was the need for Israel to allow equal treat for all US nationals, including US nationals of Palestinian origin. This was already achieved and implemented. Another US demand was that Israel will  submit criminal records for about a thousand citizens seeking exemption, randomly selected. Israel complied positively with this demand. However, the U.S. authorities then raised the stakes, insisting on the registration of tens of thousands of criminal records.

Visa-Free Travel to the U.S. for Israelis Expected by November-December

According to a recent announcement by the Foreign Ministry, the approvals for this arrangement must be secured before September 30. After that, it is estimated to take approximately two months for the agreement to take effect. If all goes as planned, November-December is the projected period when Israeli travelers may fly to the United States without a visa.