By Nashwa Azzam. Esq. |

After months of long processing delays and gaps in employment for spouses of Es and Ls, they can now enjoy automatic employment authorization incident to status. This means that E and L dependent spouses no longer need to apply for work authorization. **Until USCIS implements these changes to the I-94, spouses must still rely on an employment authorization document (EAD) as evidence of employment authorization to employers.

Certain H-4, E or L spouses who currently hold work authorization will also benefit from automatic extension if they timely file for an extension before their (EAD) expires and they continue to hold a valid I-94. Automatic extension will apply to the earlier of the following: adjudication on the EAD extension application, the admit until date on the I-94, or 180 days from the date of expiration of the previous EAD.

KTA will continue to monitor additional changes and updates regarding the policy.

Please click here to read the policy from USCIS.

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