By Nashwa Azzam, Partner |

The US Embassy in Israel and the Tel Aviv Branch Office recently resumed non-immigrant and immigrant visa services for Israeli’s. Since the war started on October 7, 2023. the US Embassy has been operating at an extremely limited capacity and most services were halted. Now, Israeli’s may be able to schedule interviews for H, L, E employee applications, O and other non-immigrant visa classifications on the scheduling site as appointments are available. E Company and Employee applications are slowly being processed again as the US Embassy resumes interviews for those applicants that received an interview in October but was cancelled due to the war.

In addition, the State Department has extended the interview waiver program for certain eligible non-immigrant applicants who wish to renew their visas. According to the Department of State, the authority will be reviewed annually, and is in place until further notice. This is great news for Israeli nationals who have been stuck without visa processing since the war started. Israeli’s may qualify for interview waiver if they apply in Israel; have no prior visa refusals (unless waived or overcome); and display no apparent or potential ineligibility. Renewal applicants must apply within 48 months of the prior visa’s expiration date. Please note, that in-person interviews may still be required based on individual cases and at the discretion of the Consular Officer.

It is not clear yet how the US Embassy in Israel will implement the new update, KTA will monitor the situation and advise through working closely with the US consulate, as Managing Partner, Tsvika Kan-Tor is Head of Visa Committee at AMCHAM.

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