Project and Company Immigration Tech | KIT 3.2 Release

Kan-Tor & Acco (KTA) is excited to announce the release of its web tool KTA Immigration Tech® – KIT® version 3.2 which supports the needs of the Project Manager, HR Manager, and the individual assignee. The system is the lifeline of the large project coordination center, allowing for the seamless integration of all phases of international relocation projects.

The original system KIT® 1.0 was first to introduce in 2011, designed to allow the individual assignee to upload documents and monitor their immigration process.

KIT® 2.0 was launched back in 2015 and allowed HR Managers full visibility into their employee’s various immigration processes, reporting, automatic reminders, following expiration dates, and progress of document uploads by assignees.

The whole new KIT® 3.2 was launched in June 2020 with added functionality for Project Managers. This new system allows full graphical visibility over the supplier’s immigration process in a most holistic manner. Filters allow for focus upon supplier, groups, stages of the immigration process, and individual cases of high priority.

Customer Obsession

KTA truly possesses a “customer obsession”, meaning we continuously strive to add value to the customer experience. In the creation and development of the KIT® system, KTA has a utilized its more than 25 years of experience in the corporate immigration industry.

Whether it is the individual assignees, HR Managers, or Project Managers, KTA is hoping that these changes will enhance our client’s KIT® experience and make their day-to-day immigration related tasks a little easier.

We are very proud of the system’s advanced functionality and simplicity of use. The holistic view of the system while assuring a high level of data security over the net.

The KIT® is using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (GDPR) standards assuring a high level of data security over the net. Through Robotic Automation, the system is designed to analyze and highlight risks within immigration processes through reporting tools and dedicated tailor-made email alerts.

The KIT® 3.2 can also add information from non-KTA clients through API’s (application programming interface) directly from a supplier ‘sown systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.)

Screenshots, Demo and Clients Thoughts

Below please see some of the system screenshots that emphasize how the system used on both a company and project level.

We will be delighted to have your thoughts and comments and conduct a demonstration of the system, customized per your project or company requirements.

KIT® 3.2 Simple and Secure Login Experience

KIT® 3.2 Simple and Graphical Dashboard Experience


KIT® 3.2 Simple and Strong Online Reporting Capabilities