By KTA News Team |

The Israeli authorities have introduced new regulations allowing the issuance of digital B-1 work visas and multiple entries upon entry of an employee into Israel.

The new regulations apply to all types of B-1 work visas, including, but not limited to, B-1 Expert, B-1 Hi-Tech, SEA 90-day work visas, STEP 90-day work visas, and other types of work visas.

With Immediate effect, KTA will start to securely provide the employees with their B-1 and Multiple Entry visas, in the manner directed by their global immigration supplier or employer (i.e., via email or upload to a secure server).

No other changes in the process were introduced. Once the work permit is approved, the employee will still be required to process his work visa at the consulate following the approval of the B-1 Work Permit (with the exception of the B-1 SEA 90 days work visa).  `

For a significant period of time, KTA participated in a successful process pilot conducted by the Ministry of Interior to allow this new digital issuance of work visas. Although there may be some current limitations with the governmental system, the Ministry is committed to improving it in the near future.

KTA recommends that each employee keep a physical copy of their visa in their passport for ease of travel.

Dependents: The current process does not cover dependents who require a B-2 visitor visa. For this group of individuals, a physical passport stamp with a visa will still be necessary.

This new regulation streamlines the visa application process and provides greater convenience for employees entering Israel for work purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to KTA for assistance.