By KTA News Team |

The Ministry of Interior has canceled the automatic extension of asylum seekers’ visas, and asylum seekers are now in need to renew their visas at the Population Authority facility in Bnei Brak or in Eilat.

Although non-renewal does not involve the risk of immediate deportation, employers are warned to make sure the foreign nationals have a valid visa that allows them to work in Israel.

Among the asylum seekers in Israel are nationals of Eritrea, Sudan, Congo, China, and Russia.

Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers are sheltered in Israel under “group protection” and failure to renew their visas does not face the threat of deportation.

Employers are not allowed to employ them without a valid permit, and many of them lose their jobs as a result. Also, the non-renewal of the visa prevents asylum seekers from receiving minimal social services and access to a bank account.

According to the Ministry of Interior: “Asylum seekers whose licenses are due to expire soon will receive a text message from the Population and Immigration Authority and will be summoned to the Authority’s offices for further handling of their case as has been customary until now”