By KTA News Team

In recent weeks, the Ministry of Interior services in Israel have faced significant delays as a result of the increased workload associated with issuing new passports for Israeli citizens. However, a recent announcement by Eyal Siso, the Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, brings hope for smoother operations and improved services.

Siso declared that temporary residents of Israel who qualify under the Law of Return with A-2 and A-4 visas, and foreign resident students, their spouses, and minor children, will now have immediate access to an Israeli identity number. This decision is expected to have a positive impact on approximately 25,000 foreign residents who meet the eligibility criteria under the Law of Return and are presently living in Israel on a visa.

Previously, these individuals faced challenges when attempting to exercise their rights before government ministries due to the lack of an Israeli identity number. This absence hindered their ability to receive medical treatment or scholarships, among other privileges associated with their new status. However, with the implementation of this new policy, these foreign residents can now enjoy the benefits and services available to them as Israeli identity holders.

The inclusion of foreign residents under the Law of Return is a significant step forward in recognizing their contributions to Israeli society and promoting a more inclusive environment. Eyal Siso, CEO of the Population and Immigration Authority, shed light on the new measures, emphasizing the importance of ensuring equal treatment and access to services for eligible foreign residents.

By granting them Israeli identity numbers, the Ministry of Interior aims to facilitate smoother interactions with government institutions and provide a more streamlined experience for these individuals. The immediate effect of this decision will undoubtedly alleviate the administrative burdens faced by eligible foreign residents, allowing them to fully integrate into Israeli society and avail themselves of the opportunities and benefits that come with their new status.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Interior continues to prioritize the issuance of new passports for Israeli citizens. However, the introduction of this policy demonstrates a commitment to efficient service delivery for all residents of Israel, regardless of their nationality or visa status. The Ministry recognizes the value that foreign residents bring to the country and seeks to create an environment that fosters their well-being and success.

According to Eyal Siso:

“All type A residency visas in Israel, regardless of their specific category, will be eligible for registration in the population registry and issuance of an Israeli identity number. Holders of type B visas, who stay in Israel for a short duration, will continue to identify themselves using their personal passports.”