Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Manama, Tel Aviv,  October 5, 2020

Today the four American Chambers of Commerce (AmCham) held a first joint meeting of their boards of directors.

Over 70 women and men who run some of the largest American and local businesses in their respective countries gathered virtually to get familiar with the business environments in each of the four countries.

Special Joint 4-Amcham Boards Meeting: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain and Israel

The executives heard presentations delivered by the four chambers and then discussed proposals for joint activities and areas of collaboration. The top areas of interest were healthcare, education, circular economy, telecommunications, HR, water, fintech, cyber and AI.

Sammy Bousaba, Chairman of Amcham Dubai, said that this is the most exciting day in  his seven years of serving on the Amcham Board and welcomed everyone.

Yaniv Garty, Chairman of the Amcham Israel Board, said that this is an opportunity to collaborate not only across sectors of the economy as we regularly do in AmChams, but across borders, to address both the challenges and the opportunities facing the societies living in this region.

Kan-Tor & Acco are proud members of the Israel America Chembars of Commerce. Partner Tsvi Kan-Tor participated the meeting, and is head of the visa committee at AMCHAM. Partner Amit Acco is a Director with AMCHAM.