By Amit Acco, Partner |

Recently, the Chaos at Ben Gurion Airport seems to worsen as lines stretch out of the terminal. Airports Authority advises travelers to arrive 4 hours before flights due to large crowds, warns situation not expected to change until next year.

However, the AA has advised recently of their intention to invest approximately 50 million shekels win the digitization of the terminal with the aim of reducing the queues: most passengers will check in online or at a computerized station that will have the option of printing tickets, weighing luggage and sending them independently to the plane.

How will it work? 

  1. Check-in: majority of passengers arriving in Israel check-in at home via the Internet or check-in at a computerized stand for self-use on the field (kiosk),
  2. In addition to the possibility of printing the flight ticket (boarding), the kiosks will contain scales for weighing luggage and baggage, Kiosk payments for excess weight and the printing of the tag and stickers for the suitcase by the passengers, to allow the language to be sent directly from the Kiosk,
  3.  Security check.
  4. Hand luggage check station,
  5. Border inspection (which is also mostly digital for Israeli nationals)
  6. Duty free complex.

When will it start?

The Authority is expected to begin a pilot of the service change with the existing kiosks in cooperation with the El Al , which transports the most passengers through Israel.

The service is expected to expand to the main airlines operating in Israel by the beginning of 2023 Part of the authority’s work includes working with the companies themselves, because today not all of them allow online check-in or charge an additional fee for it. According to the Authority’s data, about 20% of the airlines transport about 80% of the passengers and the Authority believes that even if only these companies become digital then the pressure on the field will be significantly reduced.