Apostille Services

Apostile Services

Have you been requested to provide official documents with an Apostille stamp?

Our office provides a professional and quick service for individuals and companies, who are required to provide documents to consulates and foreign authorities abroad.

Thanks to the ongoing experience of our office in working with a various foreign consulates in Israel as well as with foreign authorities, we in Kan-Tor & Acco know that the procedure of preparing a verified international document can be difficult and complicated for those who are not familiar with the process or for those who are not physically in Israel.

In order to provide an Apostille stamp for an official document (such as: birth certificate, marriage, divorce etc.), one will be required to go through multiple steps, such as contacting a professional translation service, a notary or even a foreign authority in the country. We in Kan-Tor & Acco have the “Know How” to treat any case.

In the framework of the service offered, we will make sure that your official documents will be certified with a valid Apostille stamp, which is accepted by consulates and foreign authorities abroad.

Our company has wide experience in preparing all kinds of personal and corporate documents. In addition, we can assist in receiving official documents, Israeli or any other country in the world; translate them to any language and get them approved by a Notary Public, etc.

What is Apostile Stamp ?

An Apostille certificate is an official verification given by the authorized government body for any official document (such as a marriage or birth certificate, transcripts etc.). It verifies the document as official, original and as a document was issued by the legal and appropriate authority.

In addition, an Apostille certificate verifies the authority of a Notary Public to notarize documents.

The Apostille certificate verifies the Notary Public signature on the document and verifies that the Notary Public who signed the document is indeed a Notary Public by law in the country that issued the Apostille certificate.

The Apostille verification is meant to reduce the number of procedures and verification required for an official document to be accepted by a foreign authority.

Most of the European and Latin America countries are members of the Hague convention treaty as well as the U.S.A and countries in Africa and Oceania.

Israel is also a member of the Hague Convention Treaty and even set special regulations in 1977 in order to apply it.
According to these regulations the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Court of Justice or any other authorized government body are authorized to issue an Apostille certificate.

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