By Senior Partner Amit Acco |

All Rules for the lockdown nation: What will be open/closed starting, what activities will be allowed/banned, and when you can travel over 1,000 meters from your home? All questions answered in this foreign Expert Practical Guide.

1,000 Meter rule

A person must keep within 1,000 meters of their homes. There are many exceptions, the most important ones for the expats community is: going to work; purchasing food or essential supplies; going to a doctor’s appointment, including alternative medicine, or therapy; participating in legal proceedings; exercising, alone or with members of the same household, provided the starting point is from home; going to the airport for an overseas flight; & caring for animals.

The regulations also generally cap indoor gatherings at 10 people, and 20 outdoors.


Restaurants, malls, swimming pools, gyms, hairdressers, hotels, other leisure services are closed.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware/houseware stores, eyeglass stores, electronic stores, laundromats are deemed essential and will remain open.

Public Transportation

Public Transportation will operate during the lockdown, though it remains unclear whether it will be scaled back.

rains will cap capacity at 50%, and intra-city buses will be allowed to carry a maximum of 32 passengers. Intercity buses, meanwhile, may only take 30 passengers.

Tickets for the trains must be purchased in advance, while bus tickets must be activated by the passengers, except for people who require assistance from the driver. Eating is not permitted onboard.

Taxis will only be allowed to take one passenger, unless the passengers are members of the same household or if the passenger requires an escort.

Travel with your own car

No more than three people may travel in the same car, except for members of the same family. For larger vehicles, another passenger is permitted per each additional row of seats.


The beaches are closed. That is, unless you’re a jogger who lives nearby, though bathing will still be prohibited.


Parks and playgrounds remain open to residents who live within a 1000-meter radius.

At work

In the public sector, the number of in-office workers will be reduced to 50 percent.

The private sector may continue operating under the existing health regulations, provided it does not offer in-person services or hold meetings with more than 10 people present.


Schools remain shut until further notice. Some educational programs, including special needs education, will continue operating as usual.

There are no violation regulations yet. However, media reports say the fines will range from NIS 500 for personal violations of the rules to NIS 5,000 for businesses that open in defiance of the government’s orders to close.

Duration of the Lockdown

No one knows. The regulations aren’t marked with an expiration date and officials have said it could well be extended.

Deputy Health Minister Yoav Kisch and Health Ministry Director-General Chezy Levy have said a daily rate of 1,000 cases would be a sign the rules could be eased. The number of daily cases currently stands at over 4,000

Kan-Tor & Acco Offices

KTA offices will remain operational during the lockdown. Always remaining at your service.