By KTA News Team |

The new government’s coalition agreements between the Likud and religious Zionism and Jewish Power stipulate that the new government will promote the enacting of the proposed Basic Law: Immigration. This law, in a few versions, was already dropped twice by previous governments.

The law that has been originally suggested by MK Ms. Nava Boker in 2018. According to the white pages, (reasoning for the law),

The State of Israel was established to serve as an eternal national home for the Jewish people, who were persecuted and exterminated around the world. The State of Israel is the only country of refuge for the Jewish people and for that reason, it is a country with unique characteristics.

The geopolitical situation of the State of Israel requires, as a necessary condition for the existence of the Jews in the State of Israel, to preserve a massive Jewish majority forever and ever. The reduction of the Jewish majority in the State of Israel may put the survival of the Jews in the State of Israel, both as individuals and as a people, at a very serious risk.

For this reason, the issue of immigration to Israel is a cardinal existential issue in the State of Israel, unlike most countries in the world which are not in the unique situation of the State of Israel. There is an urgent and vital need to act in a constitutional manner in order to maintain the continued existence of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people in an eternal manner as stated in this basic immigration law, without detracting from the Jewish majority forever and ever and to prevent the State of Israel from becoming a multinational state, while seriously risking the peace of its citizens.

The new Basic Law is worded in such a way that it is clear that what is stated in it and its interpretation prevails and will prevail forever over everything that is stated in the Basic Laws and legislation in the State of Israel, including everything that is stated in the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom and the limitation clause mentioned therein.”

According to the proposal (S. 2) , it is the right of the State of Israel to prevent illegal immigrants from entering and staying in its territory except according to the Law of Return. According to S. 5 of the proposed law, the Israel has the right to limit the freedom of an illegal immigrant, as defined in this Basic Law, by means of imprisonment, detention, custody, limiting the location of his stay, removing him from the country, extradition or in any other way.

The proposal also stipulate in s. 6 that the law will be protected against any change by a required a majority of eighty (80) Members of the Knesset.

The new law may also determine that anyone who is not an Israeli citizen or a resident of Israel will not allowed to apply to the Court for relief regarding entry into Israel, and the court will not grant relief in his case, unless it determines that he is entitled to status in Israel according to law.

In response for the new efforts of enactment, South Tel Aviv Israeli activists stated that:

It’s called the ‘Basic Law: Entry, Immigration and Status in Israel,’ and its purpose is to put an end to the rampage. Thanks to Netanyahu for including the Basic Immigration Bill in the coalition agreement. Thanks to Simcha Rothman who worked on it. Thanks to Bezalel Smotrich, Amir Ohana , Amichai Shikli, Yanon Azoulai and Yitzhak Pindros, who signed the bill. May we all be blessed.