by KTA News Team |

The Israeli Enforcement Unit tasked with cracking down on the employment of illegal foreign workers in Israel has resumed its operations with increased force. The objective is to quickly reduce the number of illegal residents in the country, targeting both private and institutional employers.

During a police investigation into the illegal employment of foreign workers, the enforcement unit may carry out activities such as surveillance, locating illegal residents, issuing warrants, and conducting searches. Company managers may face criminal proceedings and hefty penalties, which could reach tens of thousands of shekels, in addition to a criminal record that may impact their ability to obtain visas or entry to countries such as the US.

It is crucial to note that employing a foreign worker without a valid visa or work permit is a criminal offense in Israel. Although the enforcement of these laws was relaxed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the unit responsible for enforcing the employment of foreign workers is now back in action.

In Israel, there are strict laws regarding the hiring of foreign workers. Only specific fields, such as agriculture, construction, nursing, and expert positions, are allowed to employ foreign workers. Both the employer and the employee must have a permit to ensure compliance with the law.

Employers must take care to follow the rules before, during, and after the employment of the foreign worker. Failure to do so could result in criminal proceedings and substantial fines.

During an inspection, it is important to remember that inspectors must act within the bounds of the law and respect the managers rights. If an employer or a manager  is being searched or arrested for the offense of illegally employing a foreign worker, it is his/her right to consult a lawyer, as with any criminal offense. To minimize the impact of the investigation and protect your rights, it is essential to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Kan-Tor & Acco Criminal department have vast exopirience in dealing with inspections and court proceedings.

Tips for Successful Inspections

During these inspections, the inspectors review the following legal issues, among other issues, with the HR manager:

·        List of all foreign employees employed in Israel,

·        Copy of the visas in the employees passports,

·        Copies of last 3 months payroll slips,

·        Copy of a valid contract of employment,

·        Copy of a valid health insurance certificate,

·        Proof of adequate housing for the foreign employees.

As a result of these inspections, we strongly recommend that every company will maintain copies of the above mentioned data & documentation in a well-organized folder.

As a benefit to Kan-Tor & Acco clients, we assist in the preparation of a company detailed immigration handbook. We recommend having this handbook together with the organized folder.


In conclusion, it is vital for employers to be aware of the laws regarding the employment of foreign workers and to ensure they are in compliance to avoid any legal consequences. The employers or managers have the right, as in any criminal offense, to consult a lawyer, and it is important to contact him as soon as possible to minimize the consequences of the investigation and the violation of your rights.