By KTA Management |

At Kan-Tor and Acco Immigration Law Firm, we are committed to providing legal services to individuals and families in need, including those who cannot afford to pay for our services. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we have established a pro bono policy to help ensure that our services are accessible to those who may not have the resources to pay for them.

Our pro bono policy is designed to prioritize cases that align with our values as a firm and support the good of Israel and its citizens and residents, without any discrimination as to color, sex, religion, ethnicity  or any other personal characteristic, as well as with the values of Jewish and Democratic State.  In order to be considered for pro bono representation, prospective clients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Priority is given to individuals and families who are facing immigration challenges and whose cases align with the interests of Israel and its people.
  2. Applicants must provide documentation of their need for pro bono services, including proof of financial need and a description of their immigration situation.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the values of the State of Israel.
  4. The firm reserves the right to decline any pro bono case that does not align with our values or for which we do not have the resources to provide effective representation.

If you believe that you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered for pro bono representation by Kan-Tor and Acco Immigration Law Firm, please complete our pro bono application form and provide all required documentation. We review pro bono applications on a case-by-case basis and will notify you as soon as possible if we are able to provide representation.

We believe that it is our duty as legal professionals to use our skills and resources to help those who are in need, particularly those who share our commitment to the State of Israel and the Zionist movement. We are proud to offer pro bono services to those who cannot afford to pay for our services and look forward to working with individuals and families in need.