By Amit Acco, Partner |

Israel, known for its innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, stands at a crucial juncture where it can harness the potential of foreign talents on B-1 work visas for experts to drive its economy to new heights. By adopting strategic policies that facilitate the employment of international professionals, Israel can create a win-win scenario: bolstering its economy while simultaneously increasing job opportunities for its own citizens.

In this article, we will explore Kan-Tor & Acco initiatives and steps taken to influence Israeli government policies towards attracting and retaining foreign talents, fostering economic growth, and promoting fair regulations. Whether you are an expat in Israel, Company HR, policy maker, you are welcome to join us in our initiatives!

Active Participation and Legislative Advocacy: To effectively influence government policies, active participation in key institutions is crucial. Engaging with the Israeli Bar and participating in the Legislation for Foreign Employees Committee enables direct involvement in shaping policies related to foreign employment. This involvement can help advocate for comprehensive legislation that supports fair regulations, streamlined work visa issuance, and proper protection of foreign employees’ rights.

Conferences and Stakeholder Engagement: Organizing conferences that bring together political stakeholders, industry leaders, and foreign talent is an excellent avenue to foster dialogue and collaboration. These conferences provide a platform for sharing insights, discussing challenges, and showcasing success stories. By allowing political stakeholders to interact directly with managers of companies and other markets, they can witness firsthand the positive impact that foreign talents bring to the Israeli economy.

Proposing Relevant Legislation: To ensure fair regulations and efficient processes, it is crucial to propose legislation that addresses the needs of foreign talents and the economy as a whole. Suggestions for proper legislations can focus on work visa regulations, simplifying bureaucratic procedures, and enhancing transparency in the hiring process. By aligning policies with the principles of fairness and inclusivity, Israel can attract top-notch international professionals.

Work Visas for Spouses: A significant factor in attracting foreign talents is ensuring their families’ well-being and stability. Advocating for policies that allow spouses of experts to obtain work visas is essential. This step enables talented individuals to accept opportunities in Israel without concerns about their partners’ employment options. By embracing the concept of a supportive ecosystem for families, Israel can become an even more attractive destination for foreign talents.

Promotion and Awareness: To foster a favorable environment for the employment of foreign talents, promoting the benefits and contributions they bring is crucial. Raising awareness among the public, policymakers, and business leaders about the positive impact of international professionals on Israel’s economy can help dispel misconceptions and garner support. This can be done through campaigns, publications, and highlighting success stories of companies that have thrived by embracing a diverse workforce.

Kan-Tor & Acco Initiatives 2023

Here are some examples of positive campaigns led by Kan-Tor & Acco in collaboration with the government to promote employment and economic growth:

“Skills for Tomorrow”: This campaign aims to bridge the skills gap by providing targeted training programs and workshops for both Israelis and foreign talents. Kan-Tor & Acco partners with government agencies to design and implement these programs, equipping individuals with in-demand skills and enhancing their employability.

“Invest in Israel, Invest in Talent”: This campaign focuses on attracting foreign investments and encouraging companies to establish their presence in Israel. Kan-Tor & Acco, in collaboration with the government, organizes conferences and events that highlight the potential of the Israeli market and the advantages of employing foreign talents, ultimately boosting economic growth.

“Global Talent Exchange”: As part of this initiative, Kan-Tor & Acco works closely with the government to establish partnerships with other countries. The campaign promotes talent exchange programs, enabling Israeli professionals to gain international experience and foreign talents to contribute their expertise to the Israeli market. By fostering cross-cultural collaboration, this campaign enhances knowledge transfer and innovation.

“Workforce Diversity, Economic Prosperity”: Recognizing the value of diversity in driving innovation and economic growth, Kan-Tor & Acco partners with the government to champion workplace diversity. This campaign involves working with employers to implement inclusive hiring practices, encouraging the recruitment of foreign talents, and highlighting the positive impact of diverse teams on business success.

“Visa Simplification for Skilled Professionals”: Kan-Tor & Acco actively engages with the government to propose and advocate for streamlined visa processes and regulations. The campaign emphasizes the need for efficient and transparent visa issuance, ensuring that skilled professionals can easily navigate the immigration system and contribute their expertise to the Israeli workforce.


Encouraging the employment of foreign talents in Israel presents a tremendous opportunity to boost the economy while creating more job prospects for its citizens. By actively participating in key institutions, advocating for relevant legislation, organizing conferences with political stakeholders, and promoting fair regulations, we can shape the Israeli government’s policies towards attracting and retaining international professionals. Together, let us unlock the full potential of Israel’s economic growth by embracing the talents of individuals from around the world.

These campaigns, led by Kan-Tor & Acco in collaboration with the government, showcase the commitment to promoting employment, economic growth, and inclusivity in Israel. By implementing targeted initiatives and fostering partnerships, they strive to create an environment that attracts, supports, and retains foreign talents, ultimately driving sustainable economic prosperity for the country.