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Israeli Police Clearance

In case a foreign expert or a foreign who had lived in Israel for a period of time is asking to issue a police clearance certificate from the Israeli police following his staying in Israel, there are 2 relevant option open for him. The relevant option for the specific personal depends on the purpose of the PCC issuance. Meaning, is an official body (like a consulate, a governmental ministry etc.) asked the PCC or is it just for the personal use of the foreigner?

These are the 2 option:

1. In case an official body such as mentioned above is asking for the PCC, the PCC will be sent directly to the official body, and at any stage, the foreigner or his lawyers will NOT have a copy of it. This means that once we submitted, it should take 30 days until it gets to the official body. There is no visibility from our side over the police process of sending the document to the official body and the receipt at the official body. Moreover, there is no "submission note" receipt by the police.

2. In case the PCC is required for other use, or for the personal use of the foreigner, by having a Power of Attorney from the foreigner (that may be required to be signed in front of a local lawyer/notary or the Israeli consul in case out of Israel), his representative can approach the Police and ask to have a copy of the police registry. This is a print out from the police registry, there is a need to make sure this will be acceptable by the relevant immigration authorities. After receiving that, the certificate can be also be notarized in case required. Processing time is 14 work days as mentioned below.

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