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The Israeli Government has confirmed today the removal from the list of red countries, most of the African countries, as well as Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, and Finland. These countries will now be classified as “orange” countries, with a travel warning, but no formal restrictions to travel to them.

There will however a need to apply for special permission to enter Israel during the current Ban of Entry for individuals arriving from any country for work

However, the US, UK, Canada, France, UAE, Switzerland, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Turkey would remain on the no-go list, along with Mexico, which was added on Tuesday, December 28.

The decision was taken by the so-called coronavirus cabinet in a telephone vote, accepting the recommendations of a Health Ministry committee, and removing 54 countries from the list of destinations deemed “red” and requiring special permission to fly to or from.

According to channel 12,  the number of countries deemed red and requiring special permission to fly to or from, will drop from 69 to 18. The reason for this decision is that the high rate of spread of the Omicron variant in Israeli territory. According to experts, soon there will be no benefit in restricting entry and exit from Israel, as the chances of being exposed to the Omicron variant in Israel and abroad will be similar, according to an expert cabinet advising the Ministry of Health, headed by Prof. Ran Blitzer.

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