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Israeli nationals need to have special travel permits to red countries. Please click here for the form.

According to the Times of Israel and Ynet, as travel exemption requests pile up, the panel is accused of issuing automatic rejections.
The committee tasked with granting permission to those looking to fly to banned countries reported to have a backlog of 15,000 petitions, with most of those considered being denied.

Israeli authorities are reportedly dealing with a backlog of thousands of requests for special permission to fly to countries included in a travel ban, with complaints that the body charged with granting exemptions is turning away nearly all applicants…

According to Ynet, most applications to leave are being rejected and lawyers who have normally been able to help clients navigate bureaucratic hurdles involved in the country’s various travel bans since the start of the pandemic say authorities are less willing to grant exemptions this time around

Also according to Ynet, A riot broke out at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Wednesday, after dozens of Israelis living in so-called “red” states found themselves unable to leave the country due to Israel’s stringent COVID-induced travel restrictions. All were finally able to board their flight after signing a document stating that:

  • They were residents of their respective destination; and
  • that they will not return to Israel for at least three months.

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