By Amit Acco, Partner |

Many clients frequently ask us of the differences between Israeli Work Permit, Israeli Entry Permit through COVID-19 and Work Visa.

Israeli Work Permit

Issued following the approval of the Work Permit application by the Ministry of Interior. This does not allow work in Israel until a visa is processed in the Foreign employee’s passport.




Israeli B-1 Work Visa (in passport):

Initially, a temporary B-1 Work Visa by the Israeli Consulate in the country of origin of the expert, before entering Israel.

Upon entry into Israel, the applicant will be issued a B-1 Work Visa for the entire period of the work permit. This step will take place at the time the expert goes through border control at Ben Gurion Airport, or after entry, at the relevant branch of the Ministry of Interior.


Entry Permit Through COVID-19

Foreign nationals must have an entry permit issued by the Population and Immigration Authority. Without this permit, boarding will be denied.

Update 20 August 22:

  • Foreign experts applying for 45 days work permits can travel with a copy of their work permit instead (see above).
  • Holders of a B-1 multiple entry visa are currently exempted from entry permits.