By KTA News Team |

The New Minister of Interior and Health, Mr. Aryeh Deri, instructed the Population and Immigration Authority to an amendment to the passport law and to state that anyone who immigrates to Israel will have to prove that he has settled in the country and only then will he be able to receive a passport, as used to be the case up to 2017.

The instructions will be regulated soon and aim to put a stop to the alleged abuse of the regulations, in cases where new immigrants arrived in Israel without the intention of settling and immediately left Israel upon receiving the Israeli passport.

Minister Aryeh Deri: “The air train, in which those entitled to those eligible under the Law of Return to exercise their right to a passport and an absorption basket and after a short time return to their place of origin is unacceptable. Status and a passport must be granted to those who wish to settle in Israel and not to those who wish to receive benefits to which they are not entitled.”