By Amit Acco, Partner |

Denial of Entry for Israelis Upon Entry to Dubai International Airport

For more than 4 hours, almost 160 Israelis who landed in Dubai this morning (7 Dec 2020) denied entry due to visa issues, according to Hebrew-language media reports.

This incident came days after the UAE begins allowing Israelis to enter on visa waiver program. Nevertheless, Israel and the UAE have not yet signed a formal visa agreement between the two countries.

According to media, 160 passengers arriving from Tel Aviv on a FlyDubai flight, were advised that changes had been made in visa regulations and that only those holding non-Israeli passports could enter the UAE.

It is not yet clear how this issue will be resolved (08:45 am 7 Dec 2020). Senior officials at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently discussing the issue with the Dubai authorities in efforts to resolve it.

Update: 09:00: The Israeli passengers will be allowed entry after filing Electronic Visa Application.

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