By KTA News Team |

The Regional Labor Court in Be’er Sheva found a former manager of B.H. Levy Ltd. to be personally guilty of illegal employment of foreign nationals at his former employer at the time of the offense.

The manager was working at the time of office at B.H. Levy Ltd., one of the largest Supermarket Operators in Israel, at the “Shikma” Supermarket in Eilat (South Region of Israel).

Criminal proceedings have been brought against the manager after an inspection by Ministry of Interior inspectors found two foreign workers without permits within the Supermarket premises. One of the illegal employees was an asylum seeker and the other was a foreign worker. The illegal employment took place in 2019 and the illegal employment of the two was for a short period of four months only.

The law states that the fine for illegal employment of one foreign worker will be NIS 10,000 and for the second NIS 20,000, but in this case, the court determined that this was one incident and not two while taking into account the short period of employment, and therefore imposed on the manager a NIS 12,500 fine for the two illegal workers together. The manager also had to a commitment to avoid doing another offense for three years, otherwise, an additional fine will be charged.