By Senior Partner Amit Acco

With new infections running as high as 4,000 a day, Israeli ministers on Sunday approved a three-week nationwide lockdown over the upcoming Jewish holidays to contain the resurgent coronavirus outbreak.

Israel’s main air hub, Ben Gurion Airport will remain open during the upcoming three-week full nationwide lockdown period that will begin on Friday, the state’s Ministry of Health said on Monday.

Those flying out must present a valid ticket four hours before their flight and then they will be allowed to travel more than 500 meters from their home to arrive at the airport. They will continue to be required to provide negative virus test results within 72 hours if their flight, to be presented upon arrival in their host country.

Arrivals to Israel from green countries will not be required to enter isolation but will be subject to the lockdown rules enforced throughout the rest of the country. Arrivals traveling back from red states will still be required to quarantine.

New immigrants (“Olim”) scheduled for arrival during the lockdown period will also be allowed into Israel as planned.