By Amit Acco, Partner |

In a significant move aimed at bolstering national security and streamlining the E-visa application process, the Israeli government has announced its decision to introduce a comprehensive electronic Evisa system, known as the “Marom System”. This is a significant leap towards harnessing technological solutions to address challenges of national security and immigration. It is not yet clear when the Marom – Israeli E-visa will be launched.

Currently, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has not disclosed comprehensive details pertaining to the new eVisa process. Nonetheless, the preliminary information released has been summarized by KTA as follows:

Objective of the Marom System

  • It will offers a holistic solution that caters to Israel’s essential interests in both national and personal security. This will includes countering illegal immigration, terrorism, cross-border crimes, and other potential risks.
  • The system will facilitates seamless online management for individuals entering Israel, fostering effective cooperation amongst different governmental bodies.
  • It will be designed to enhance the visa application experience for applicants at Israeli embassies worldwide by enabling remote applications and minimizing physical embassy visits.
  • The Marom System strengthens border controls by enabling pre-registration for all foreigners visiting Israel, including those from countries that have visa waivers agreements with Israel (for example: North America, EU and more).

Legal & Legislative Facets

The Minister of the Interior is tasked with advancing all necessary legislative processes linked to the Marom System’s establishment and operation. This encompasses the collection, transfer, and utilization of biometric information in compliance with the Entry into Israel law.

Phased Implementation

The head of the Population and Immigration Authority has the discretion to roll out the Marom System in stages based on project progression. It is not yet clear when the Marom – Israeli E-visa will be launched. The connection of the Israel Police to this system is subject to the Ministry of Internal Security or the Israel Police’s decision.

Inter-ministerial Advisory Team

An advisory team is formed under the aegis of the Population and Immigration Authority. This team, composed of representatives from diverse governmental bodies such as the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and more, will delve into the nuances of establishing and operating the system. Their remit will cover a broad range of issues from professional and legal angles to technological aspects.

Technological Leap in Balancing National Security and Economic Growth

The establishment of the Marom System underscores Israel’s commitment to leveraging technology in its quest to fortify national security while simplifying bureaucratic processes. It is anticipated that this system will be pivotal in promoting tourism and thereby positively influencing the economy. As always, the balancing act between security and openness remains a paramount consideration, and the Marom System is a testament to this endeavor.