By Amit Acco, Partner |

When an Israeli citizen has a lone parent abroad that he/she wishes to bring to Israel, and when the parent is not eligible under the law of return to obtain Israeli citizenship through Alyiah, the Ministry of Interior allows to submit an application under the Elderly Parent Regulation.

Applications under the Elderly Parent Regulation is possible when the parent have no aother children and/or a spouse abroad and/or dependents who are in guardianship or under the care of the parent.

The Proposed Legal Status Under the Regulation

According to the Elderly Parent Regulation, upon a successful application, the parent will receive one of the following legal statuses in Israel, depending on the person age and sex:

  • B-2 “Elderly Parent” or;
  • B-1 “Elderly Parent”

After 2 years of stay under B-1 Elderly Parent Visa, the Ministry of Interior will consider providing A-5 temporary residency to the elderly person. The significance of this status is that it allows the individual access to the Israeli health system.

After additional 2 years under A-5 temporary residency, the Ministry of Interior will consider providing a permanent residency to the elderly parent.

The Elderly Parent Regulation does not provide for Israeli citizenship for the elder parent at any stage of the process. A separate, independent application for Citizenship can be applied after 5 years of stay in Israel under Permanent Residency Status, under the discretion of the Ministry of Interior.