19 March, 2021 Tel Aviv, formal announcement |

Kan-Tor & Acco & Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP is pleased to announce its newly formed Israel-U.S. Cross Border Practice Team. The multi-disciplinary team provides legal services to Israeli clients and Israeli-owned businesses with an established presence in the U.S. market or seeking to develop an enterprise in the United States.

Through the strategic partnership between Kan-Tor & Acco & New York-based firm of Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP, KTA further enhances its offering with an extensive network of accounting, consulting, and political relationships throughout Israel and the United States. With this partnership, the Israeli-U.S. Practice Team offers guidance to U.S.-based businesses who seek opportunities to enter or expand their operations in Israel.

Dennis C. Vacco, a Partner and former New York State Attorney General, will serve as the team leader. Even before the Practice Team’s official formation, Dennis has traveled to Israel several times and is active in the Israeli market.

“Israel is overflowing with entrepreneurs and businesses who desire to capitalize on foreign markets, including the United States,” said Vacco.”With years of collective experience and expertise, our attorneys can successfully navigate the obstacles inherent with foreign businesses entering or expanding operations in the United States.”

Senior Partner Tsvi Kan-Tor will lead KTA team, while Advocate Shira Klein (Also US attorney) will assist on US immigration aspects of the law (US visa denials, legal reviews, etc.). Advocate Daniel Aspiro, Head of the Private Clientele department will lead Israeli citizenship law and related matters.

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