By Amit Acco, Partner


Many of our client’s employees plan to travel for the coming week, finding it difficult to plan ahead, with all the changing COVID-19 regulations.

As we all witnessed in the last few weeks, the Israeli government frequently changes the regulation regarding entry to Israel. For example, the immediate imposing of the Entry Ban two weeks ago, and its extension thereafter.

Another example of the Israeli government’s unstable COVID-19 entry regulation was registered yesterday, where it was announced that Belgium, the UK, and Denmark will become red countries starting this coming Wednesday. 1 hour later it was announced that Belgium will not become a red country. To continue the fiasco, it was decided today the decision will come into effect on Thursday instead of Wednesday as earlier advised.

At the same cabinet meeting, it was also decided to update the list of red countries daily. This means that any country can become a red country, even without prior notice (!)

Nachman Ash, the Health Ministry’s director-general said during a press briefing on Sunday (December 12, 2021) that:

“Whoever is planning to travel abroad at this time needs to know that, upon their return, they are likely to go into full quarantine because the country will be declared a red country”. This quote relates to Israeli nationals.

Non-Israeli citizens coming from a red country (or visited these countries in the last 14 days prior to expected entry) are not allowed to enter Israel. No exceptions are provided to this regulation, even to those who secured an exceptional entry permit prior to their travel.

We wanted to let you know of this instability of the regulation, and the unpredictability of the changes. At any stage, you can check the list of the red countries, entry regulation, isolation regulation, and updated Israeli COVID-19 news at the Kan-Tor & Acco website: Click here.

We regret this unstable regulation and urge our clients to take the instability into consideration when making travel plans (as much as possible). We urge you to be updated on the ever-changing regulations. Remember that nowadays, every return date is at risk.

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