By KTA News Team |

The Israeli Ministry of Interior has recently shared some exciting news regarding the number of specialist foreign workers who have arrived in the country since the beginning of 2023: 119 specialist foreign workers have landed in Israel from Poland, making it the country with the largest number of specialist foreign workers to arrive in Israel this year. This is truly a testament to Advocate Meshash’s amazing work in managing the Employer Unit at the Ministry of Interior.

Following Poland, Romania comes in second place with 84 workers, and Germany rounds out the top three with 78 expert employees. It’s also worth noting that workers from Italy, Romania, and Switzerland have also arrived in Israel to contribute their skills and expertise.

Furthermore, the construction industry has received 3,644 foreign workers, more than half of whom are Chinese citizens, making it the branch with the largest number of foreign workers to arrive in Israel since the beginning of the year. The domestic nursing sector has received 1,937 foreign workers from various countries, and the agriculture sector has received 1,396 workers from Thailand. The hotel industry has also welcomed 126 employees from the Philippines.

As an advocate for legal immigration, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Advocate Meshash on her amazing work in managing the Employer Unit at the Ministry of Interior. It’s truly inspiring to see the results of her hard work in promoting transparency and efficiency in the immigration process for foreign workers, which has led to more specialists and experts arriving in Israel to contribute to the country’s economy and society.

The Director General of the Population and Immigration Authority, Eyal Siso, has emphasized the crucial role of bilateral agreements in the employment of foreign workers in Israel. As he stated, “It is over a decade since the state began employing foreign workers through bilateral agreements between countries and has come to know that this is the most correct framework for employing the workers. The supervision, control and disappearance of brokerage fees have proven themselves.”

Over the years, Israel has signed agreements with a variety of countries, including Moldova, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines. The efforts to expand the supply of countries continue to be ongoing. These agreements have allowed for greater transparency, control, and fairness in the process of employing foreign workers in Israel, ensuring that their rights are protected and they are not taken advantage of by middlemen.

According to Amit Acco, Partner at Kan-Tor and Acco, the recent developments between Poland and Israel demonstrate the exceptional level of cooperation between the two nations. The strengthened relationship between Poland and Israel is a result of their shared commitment to promoting mutual interests, fostering economic growth, and maintaining diplomatic relations. The positive outcomes of this partnership are evident in the significant commercial ties between the two countries, which have been consistently growing over the years.

Amit also noted that the cooperation between Poland and Israel is a prime example of how countries can work together to achieve common goals. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, the two nations have been able to build a robust and productive partnership that benefits both sides. The strong commercial ties between Poland and Israel are a testament to this collaboration, as they have facilitated increased trade, investment, and business opportunities for both countries.