By Ofir Buium, Senior Paralegal and Client Manager, Kan-Tor & Acco |

Regulations regarding the entry of foreign experts to Israel have recently been amended to allow the entry to Israel from green countries, without the need for isolation – provided that the period of stay in Israel does not exceed seven days.

This procedure allows for greater flexibility for business visits that cannot be conducted through virtual meetings. There are restrictions and conditions for this new procedure, as well as a required submission process.

In addition, a similar procedure has been announced for foreign experts required to repair devices in essential plants, for a stay not to exceed 7 days.

The important emphasis concerning these processes is the need to submit such applications at least 15 working days before the scheduled visit date. Once approval is issued, the foreign visitor will be able to apply in the country of origin for a visa to Israel, if a visitor pre-entry visa to Israel is required for his/her nationality.

Additional requirements exist as well, and it is therefore important to consult with our team regarding this procedure to understand in detail the requirements of these procedures.

We all hope that these changes are a positive sign towards opening the borders again while allowing Israel’s economy to prosper .