By Yoav Noy, Partner |

According to an announcement made today by the Israeli Ministry of Health Israel, the list of ‘red’ banned countries is about to be cleared by midnight today. This is now subject to approval by the Cabinet and a Parliamentary Committee, expected to be made in a few short hours.

This decision is expected to effectively re-open the sky to all vaccinated and recovered foreign nationals (for work, business or tourism) as of Sunday, January 9, 2022 (“Effective Date”). It will effectively end an almost-blanket ban on noncitizens’ arrival to Israel.

According to the announcement, the decision was based on the fact that in light of the current high morbidity in Israel, maintaining the borders closed would not help.

Entry to Israel of Foreign Nationals

Upon implementation of the new policy, any foreign national traveling to Israel will need to fill up an online form 48 hours before the flight and present a COVID test in order to board the flight (Either PCR taken less than 72 hours prior to the hour of departure or antigen less than 24 hours before departure) and take a PCR in Israel upon landing.

Israeli Nationals Departing from Israel

Upon implementation of the new policy, Israelis will be allowed to travel to any country without a need for special governmental permission prior to traveling.

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