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Israeli is expected to relax the travel restrictions from “red” countries in the next few days, said Prime Minister Bennet last night at a live press conference:

“(we – A.A) closed the skies five weeks ago when everything was fine ‘as a preventive measure, and in the coming week, we will likely reopen the skies.”

Currently, there are 15 countries on the red country list, including the United States, the UK, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Hungary, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

As of today, every country in the world that is not red is defined as orange. While applications to enter from the red country were mostly denied, applications from orange countries ( required for visitors and business persons ) were approved in many cases. According to the regulation, there is no need to apply for an entry permit for foreign nationals that have a B-1 work visa + multiple entry permit and residents.

Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, Head of Public Health Services, also said yesterday that  in the Knesset’s Constitution Committee that:

“As long as we reach a situation where the imported morbidity is marginal and stands at 5% or less of the morbidity in the State of Israel, we will stop the red state’s policy.”

When thousands of Israeli are already infected with COVID-19 nowadays, “another 50 or so infections from travelers arriving from abroad are ‘meaningless’”.

Israeli Tourism Minister also referred to the ban and said:

“We should allow the return of vaccinated foreigners to Israel because…the tourism industry and the economy will not be able to continue to carry this burden.”

Diaspora Affairs Minister  also later wrote in a tweet that the prime minister and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz had both told him “There will be a substantial easing of policies for entrance into Israel this week.”

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