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Work in Israel up to 45 days (B-1 Short Employment Authorization)

In 2015 the Ministry of Interior issued a new fast track for a permit to work in Israel, which allows within days, the arrival of a foreign expert for a short period (defined and limited) and does not exceed 45 days per calendar year in total. This procedure replaced a previous procedure that enabled work for up to 30 days in Israel.

This route resolves a known issue, especially for companies which provide technical services such as installation of machines &repair. It allows an immediate solution to the installation of systems and the sudden issues that arise, as opposed to the process of obtaining a visa for longer periods, which takes about 3-4 months to obtain the visa.

While representing the employer, our law firm is required to provide to the Ministry of Interior a limited number of documents and declarations, together with the employee's documentation proving the expert's competence and suitability to perform the job. As a result, it is possible to file the request relatively quickly, and to obtain the work permit within 6-8 business days.

Upon receipt of the work permit, the foreign national can enter Israel and begin to work immediately. This is without the requirement of issuing a visa at the Israeli Consulate in the individual's home country, as required in most other types of work visas. Within two days of arrival in Israel, the individual is required to deliver the passport to our office for the purpose of completing the procedure of obtaining a work visa in the Ministry of Interior. Without this completion – the expert's work in Israel would be illegal.

It is possible to divide the 45 days to a number of periods, and in this context complete the 45 days in a calendar year, although prior to each entry a new application must be submitted and approved.

The application is intended solely for nationals who are exempt from a tourist visa (e.g. Europe, United States, Japan, Australia, etc.), so that specialists from nationalities that are required to process a pre-entry visa for the purpose of visiting (e.g. India, China, Venezuela, etc.) cannot apply for this category and must turn to other, longer processing categories.

The visa cannot be extended. There is a "freezing" period required (which is not defined in the regulations), from the date of the last departure until the submission of a new request for a work permit, for a period of three months to a year. There are State fees that are paid depending on the number of required days of stay.

Duration of process: 6-8 business days.

Important: Working in Israel for any period of time without a permit and B-1 visa in the foreign expert's passport, is a criminal offense. The employer and managers will be subjected to criminal penalties and fines, and the expert is expected to be deported, without being able to return for a period of 10 years.

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