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Traveling to Israel During the Work Visa Process

Work permit applicants can travel to Israel for business trips (working is not permitted) from the date of initiation of the process until starting the consular processing following the approval of MOITAL (See Second and Third steps above - approximately 45 days after work permit submission). It is recommended to minimize business trips while the process is pending, to avoid suspicion of dual intention by the border control.

In case the applicant's nationality is not included within the nationality waiver visa list, a relevant application for the issuing of a B-2 visitor visa at the Israeli consulate abroad must be submitted in advance.

The B-1 visa always corresponds in duration to that of the MOITAL recommendation letter. Derivative visas for accompanying family members are normally issued for a similar duration. Please note that the MOI will refuse to issue derivative visas to an accompanying family member if, for example, the Ministry suspects that the family member will engage in unauthorized employment.

amily members are not authorized to work in Israel, unless they are the beneficiaries of separate work permit applications, processed in accordance with the procedures, as described above.

Most B-1 visas are non-transferable, and are granted for one year with the possibility of renewal, for a period of up to five years and three months maximum. A request to renew the work permit must be filed by the employer at least 90 days before expiration of the B-1 visa, following the process described above.

The Entry to Israel Law (1952) and the Foreign Employees Law (1991) are the primary laws governing the issuance of B-1 visas and subsequent admission and residence in Israel. It is the responsibility of the employer to abide by these statutory provisions. Employment of foreign nationals without a valid B-1 visa is a ciminal offense and may subject the employer to a heavy fine and/or even imprisonment. Moreover, an individual found to be working without a valid work visa is subject to deportation from Israel at the expense of the employer.

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