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Israel B-1 Work Visa Process

FAQ About B-1 Visa to Israel

FAQ About B-2 Visa to Israel for Dependents

The new STEP - Short Term Expedited Process


In accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, every employee who is not an Israeli in Israel, is required to obtain a work permit prior to commencement of employment. The need for an employment permit and a B-1 work visa applies to various types of workers from day one of their employment.

The profession as well as the length of employment offered to the expert, will determine the application process. Each track has unique characteristics, different required documents, and varied procedure time periods.

Our law firm will analyze the work documents and match up the optimal visa type in terms of procedure duration and characteristics.


Below are the main routes that can be pursued:

Specialists Work in Academic Fields

Specialists Work in Non-Academic Fields

Experts Work Up to 3 Months (STEP)

Work in Israel Up to 45 Days (SEA)


Important: Working in Israel for any period of time without a permit and B-1 visa in the foreign expert's passport, is a criminal offense. The employer and managers will be subjected to criminal penalties and fines, and the expert is expected to be deported, without being able to return for a period of 10 years.


Refusal of Application by the Ministry of Interior

Traveling to Israel During the Work Visa Process

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