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Israel Health Ministry announced today extending the COVID-19 travel restrictions, including an entry ban for foreigners, by additional 10 days to restrain the spread of the Omicron variant.

As a result, current ban regulations will be in place until December 22, unless further extended.

In a letter sent by Prime Minister Bennett to Jewish leaders in the US,  Bennet said that his government’s “primary responsibility is to protect the citizens of the Jewish state,” arguing that the risks of allowing visitors into the country outweighed the benefits for foreigners.

Proposals that Have NOT Been Accepted by the COVID-19 Committee

At this stage, the following proposals have been discussed by the COVID-19 Committee, but have Not been accepted:

  • Ministry of Health proposed today to declare the entire continent of Europe as “red”, due to the spread of omicron over the European Continent. If this measure will take place, it is expected to effectively bar most travel between Europe and Israel.
  • Prime Minister Bennet proposed a total shutdown of Ben-Gurion International Airport.

The Israeli Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the situation and consider other restrictions in the coming days.

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