By Amit Acco, Partner | 

According to Israeli top government officials, Israel is in the “final stages” of COVID -19, showing the world an exit strategy”.  with more than 25% of the population already received first shot vaccine, Israeli already seeing clear evidence vaccine is working; the number of seriously ill over 60 years of age drops sharply.

Hand in hand with this strategy, the Israeli government has been promoting the “Green Passport” project in recent months.

The Green Passport will be distributed exclusively by the Ministry of Health as a Government Certificate to any person that has been vaccinated in Israel, a week after receiving the 2nd vaccine shot after 21 days, per protocol. The ministry also announced that those who test negative for COVID-19 will be able to receive a temporary green passport for 72 hours. Since foreign employees and foreign experts (expats) who work in Israel under B-1 work visa are eligible to receive the vaccine, it is expected that they will be eligible for the “Green Passport too.  No similar certificate should be distributed by any other body.

According to the government coronavirus czar Nachman Ash (Sunday January 16), the Green Passport is to be provided via an online system that is currently undergoing final testing.

According to the proposals the Green Passport will allow those who carry it:  to enter various places and activities such as cultural events, sports events, conferences, events, and museums.

The Green Passport will also allow its bearer with exemptions from the following COVID-19 prevention methods:

·       Required isolation after coming in contact with an infected person.

·        Required isolation after arriving from “Red Countries”

·        The need to be tested before entering certain Israeli touristy areas, known as “green islands.”

This initiative currently raises the legal question of whether the distinction that will now be made between different populations in society – certainly when it comes to those who cannot be vaccinated objectively is legal or not. As a result, it is not clear yet If the initiative will be executed as planned, and it seems that a decision will most likely be made later this week.

Currently, the World Health Organization’s recommendation is not to use the “Green Passport” even now during the COVID 19 Spread. Currently, most European countries also oppose the use of a Green Passport.