By Tsvi Kan-Tor, Partner |


The Global Mobility phenomenon defines the current period politically, economically, socially, and technologically. Global Mobility’s financial scope is several billion dollars a day, and it affects the economies of entire countries.


Global Mobility’s Impact Report reports measuring the impacts in various areas. These are six different reports, each of which appeals to a different target audience. For employers of experts, and knowledgeable workers, for employers of blue-collar workers, for industries in a particular field, for product and destination countries, and for entities from research and academia.


These are the first impact reports intended to examine the impact of the Global Mobility phenomenon on the various communities that comprise it in the global field. The communities are, the workers, their employers, the destroyers, the economies of the countries of origin and destination, and the various industries.


Through these reports, it will be possible to measure and examine the impacts, and to improve policy legislation and their implementation. This will result in more ethical and effective employment.