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New "B/2 Entrepreneur" Visa

New "B/2 Entrepreneur" Visa

January 19, 2016

Today, The Israeli Ministry of Interior published a new experimental visa for foreign entrepreneurs. This new visa provides a new business opportunity for the development of competitive products and the development of new ideas for those businesses that wish to start and develop their products or ideas in Israel. According to the visa regulation, the Entrepreneurial Project should contribute directly or indirectly to the State of Israel in maintaining their class as a world leading startup nation. 

Upon successful application, the applicant will be able to obtain a "B/2 Entrepreneur" visa that does not allow work in Israel. No salary or work relation should be established between the entrepreneur and Israeli entity. The individual will be allowed to develop their new products or ideas only as defined in the original application. 

 Application detailing the Entrepreneurial idea or project, as well as other factors should first be submitted to the office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economics of Israel (hereinafter: "CS"). Upon approval, by the CS, an application for the visa should be submitted to the Ministry of Interior.

 The "B/2 Entrepreneur" as well as a multiple entry visa may be provided for up to 27 months (1 year each time) from the date first obtained. Prior to the expiration of the 27 months, there will be an option to change status to a B/1 Foreign Expert. For the B/1 Foreign Expert visa an application should be submitted by the prospective bone fide employer. Upon a successful work visa application a change of status will be allowed. Dependents will be allowed to stay in Israel for a parallel duration as the entrepreneur.

The content herein is provided for informational purposes only. 


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