By KTA News Team |

During a presentation to the Knesset’s special committee for foreign workers, Advocate Inbal Mesh, the head of the Foreign Workers Administration at the Population Authority, shared information regarding the distribution of foreign nursing care workers in Israel. According to the data presented, half of these workers are employed in the Central, Haifa, and Jerusalem districts, 30% in Tel Aviv, and only 20% in the periphery.

According to Advocate Mashash, “About 10% of the jobs in the workforce in the business sector are foreign workers. 114,523 foreign workers work in Israel. About 60,000 of them are employed in the nursing industry. In addition to 23,884 illegal foreign workers. About 143,000 Palestinians, 2,300 Jordanians, are employed only in the Eilat area, 2,000 of them in hotels…this is one of the successful collaborations with Jordan. According to her, the mayor of Aqaba asked to increase their number. 59,968 legal foreign workers are employed in the nursing sector. Compared to 78,174 who have permits to employ foreign workers. Half of the foreign nursing workers are employed in the central districts, Haifa and Jerusalem. 30% in Tel Aviv, and only 20% in the periphery…

We are celebrating a decade of bilateral agreements with the aim of expanding them. The first country was Thailand. We recently signed an agreement with Uzbekistan, but the agreement has not yet been implemented. We intend to expand the agreements also with Morocco, Vietnam, Cambodia and Turkey. We aim to reach 100% foreign workers who will arrive through bilateral agreements. Today, all the workers in the construction and agriculture sectors come with agreements, with the aim of closing the sky to the entry of illegal workers, preventing human trafficking, and fair employment”