By Amit Acco, Partner |

The Israeli government allows from today an additional exception to the general entry ban, this time for the foreign national business person.

29 December 2021: Please see this updated post.

The Ministries of Health and Economics will allow very few and unique cases to be submitted for a business person during the current entry ban (currently valid until December 29, 2021).

Cases will be considered and may be approved where the following cumulative conditions will be met:

  1. The application is submitted due to an urgent economic need, which has an economic benefit to the State of Israel that goes beyond the interest represented by the company; And
  2. The physical presence of the visitor during the period of the entry ban is required and cannot be replaced by other means such as virtual means; And
    If the visit to Israel does not take place, the transaction that is the subject of the application will be canceled.
  3. If approved by the Ministry of Health, the entry of the foreign businessman will be allowed, subject to the various COVID-19 restrictions provided by the Ministry of Health, including but not limited to the individual Eligibility for a Green Pass and isolation requirements.

No specific process guidelines were provided as to how to submit the applications, processing times, and the differentiation between arrivals from red and orange countries.

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