By Amit Acco,  Update: 09 September 2021

KTA recommends the following updates that will be published in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Interior and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, which are derived from the morbidity status in Israel.  Please click here for the official information on the government website.
In the event of a discrepancy between the above and the procedures of the Population and Immigration Authority, the prevailing decision will be in accordance with the Authority’s procedures.
Foreign citizens from countries with a high risk of COVID-19 morbidity will not be allowed to enter Israel, for either work or business travel. Please check the instructions and specific countries list: click here
For updated information regarding pre-entry requirement, isolations, exit from isolation etc: please click here

Special Permit to Enter Israel for Foreign Business Visitors:

Under the current Covid-19 policy, entry to Israel for business is limited to vaccinated travelers only.

A special permit for business visitors can be obtained by applying electronically to the Ministry of Economics. Separate applications should be submitted by the business visitor and an Israeli business sponsor (2 separate submissions). These applications must be supported with detailed information and documents to justify the visit and explain why the business purpose of the visit cannot be accomplished without entry into Israel.

In addition, all applicants must have proof of  Covid-19 vaccination and current travel documents. Upon approval of a special business permit, the individual can travel to Israel within the time frame of the permit.

Required Documents

Formal forms are changing rapidly. The following documents are also required:

1.      Valid Passport of the foreign national, valid for at least 6 months following the expected departure date.

2.      Tentative or final flight tickets to Israel: Round-trip.

3.      Copy of vaccination proof for Covid-19.

4.      Health insurance that includes a specific Covid-19 coverage clause.

5.      Company letter: a detailed letter from the Israeli company, regarding the reason for the travel and supporting documents. The letter should specify the reason for the individual to travel. If several travelers: why each one needs to travel (specifying company position, role, task, the importance for the meeting, etc). The visit dates should be mentioned within the company letter.

6.      Hotel or Airbnb reservations (The name of the visitor must appear on the reservation).

7.  Filled and signed COVID 19 obligation form: Click here.


Important Disclaimer:

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The information is gathered from various public media sources at the courtesy of KTA to its own clients and website visitors. Due to the rapid, sometimes daily changes in policy, we urge any traveler to get updated at the official government website by clicking here prior to planning or taking any international travel to or from Israel.